Earned Run Investments is an entrepreneurial real estate investment firm, working alongside Earned Run Real Estate Group.

Owned and operated by Matthew Schmidt, ERI offers a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial properties. Earned Run Investments provides experienced, steady hands while still retaining a personal connection with our clientele. At ERI, we recognize each investor’s financial goals and we work tirelessly to deliver.

Why Earned Run Investments? Experience.

Matthew Schmidt has extensive experience with both personal and investment real estate. For over 20 years, he has worked with property rehabilitation, rental strategies, and investment management. His expertise includes establishing value, assessing rehab and management costs, and determining tax benefits or consequences regarding real estate investments.


Earned Run Investments currently owns $22.6 million in Real Property, with new strategic purchases already in the pipeline.

Earned Run Property Management

All investments are managed by Earned Run Property Management, which currently manages $33.2 million in Real Estate. With over 40 years of experience, ERPM boasts an in-house repair and renovation team and streamlined management services.

The Details

Minimum investment: $20,000

Structure: Currently locking in payment rates at 7% amortized over 10 years, paying back principal and interest monthly.

All investments are secured with a real estate equity lien position.


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